Romantic couple photo shoot in Como Italy Villa Balbianello

Nestled on the serene shores of Lake Como, the Villa Balbianello offers an enchanting setting that whispers tales of love through every brick and vine. Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to capture a romantic couple photo shoot amidst its historic walls and captivating gardens.

As the sun cast a gentle glow over Lake Como, the couple's genuine affection and laughter echoed harmoniously with the chirping of the birds and the gentle lap of the waters. My lens sought to immortalize these candid moments, from stolen kisses under centuries-old arches to playful chases along cobbled pathways. The intrinsic beauty of Como, combined with the deep connection of the couple, made this session a photographer's dream.

Through years of experience, I've learned the delicate art of being both present yet invisible, allowing couples to express their authentic selves. If you're dreaming of capturing your love story in the poetic setting of Italy, especially at a venue as iconic as Villa Balbianello, I'd be honored to be your storyteller.