I love photography, travelling, discovering, and making people happy.

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  My name is Anastasiia!
  I’m an inspired photographer that fell in love with shooting during the first vacation to Italy in 2013.
  Here I am, living and enjoying it every day. Since that time I’ve discovered hidden treasures of cosy towns («borgo») that unfortunately travellers don’t see.
  I’m willing to show you beauty of medieval narrow streets in San Marino, amazing houses decorated by flowers in Santarcangelo di Romagna, outstanding views from the castle in Verucchio, or ancient monuments in Rimini city center, charming arcades of Bologna, or magic San Leo castle.
  I love little villages as much as I love Rimini. The city is a perfect location for sunset and sunrise beach photo-shoots. Just imagine you strolling alongside the sea and dabbling in the water.
  I’ll capture the most joyful moments of your stay here! We can continue our photo-shoot in the port of Rimini, where there’re lots of lovely little yachts to draw a bead on!
  If you’d love to have a photo-shoot with ancient monuments, we surely should go to Rimini city centre!
  Wouldn’t you like to enjoy tasty ice-cream (« gelato ») near spectacular 27 BC Augustus Arch and to drink from the fountain loved by Leonardo Da Vinci?
  Another amazing spot in Rimini is borgo San Giuliano, a fishermen’s part of the city. It’s one of the most adored neighbourhood by locals. There we’ll find colourful flowered houses with scenes of Federico Fellini on the walls, definitely must visit in Rimini!
  Don’t forget I’m a destination photographer as for your vacation or elopement as for any other special event! Just contact me to share your ideas and plans, I’d love to come for a photo-shoot with you! It might be gorgeous Venice where every single angle is extremely photogenic or cozy Bologna with its infinite arcades or maybe amazing Florence where you find lots of lovely spots to shoot in! I adore discovering new places, if you have a pretty one in mind, just let me know, we’ll explore it together!
  I offer various posed and lifestyle photo-shoots in Italy: family, love story, portraits and vacation photography. If you’d like to have a private photographer in Italy, I'll follow you during some vacation days to capture the best moments of your travel.
  I always try to make your photo-shoot more harmonious and comfortable. You can ask me some pieces of advice for photo-shoot preparation. I also intend you to discuss with me your ideas and outfits.
  Do not hesitate to contact me and together we will bring to life magic moments of your holidays!

Anastasiia Romashova



Photography inspired by the Italian Dolce Vita lifestyle, infused with a fashionable flair

Italy: Lake Como, Venice, Tuscany, Florence & more
Instagram: anastasiiaromashovaa

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